Why We Should Give Back Regularly

Why Prophet Kofi Danso Believes Giving Back Benefits the Community and Helps Us Develop Professionally


We are starting to see if more and more in the media and see it with our own eyes through social media. It is the art of giving back. It’s not something that is spoken about very often. Many are focused on the daily struggles occurring in life and not interested in giving back. But the truth of the matter is, despite our struggles we know someone who is doing worse than us and living below the line. The idea is placed in society but not many contribute to the idea and fulfill it. Here is why we should give back often.

1. Awaken the feeling of gratitude

The warm feeling of compassion and having a sense of appreciation is an undeniable feeling when you give back to the community and its people. Prophet Kofi Danso says that focusing on paying it forward opposed to the negatives in the world can boost morality and give a chance for people to understand how grateful they are. There is nothing better than centering our focus in this world on realizing how grateful we are. So, this means having direct interactions with those that are less fortunate by giving back.

2. A culture of giving by encouraging the act of giving

Giving is a contagious behavior. When others view you or someone else paying it forward to the community or nation in some way, it is likely that the act with stay with others. Many people who contribute to the community by giving back viewed someone who did it in front of them. The acting of giving back is learned as early as kindergarten for people.

3. Bonds communities

When someone gives it encourages a conversation between people and communities in ways that may have not been conjured up. When giving is chosen by someone, they bond from different areas over a common purpose. This is an important factor in bonding communications and strengthening them.

4. Poverty and struggles lightened

Giving back does not only engage a conversation but can help those in needs. There are small homes being built for the homeless, soup kitchens, shelters, second chance programs to help those in need. This another important reason why we should give back regularly. Reduce the struggle by providing things that you can share and give it back to the community. Giving back can also be with children programs where learning and education can be an additional help to academic programs. There are several causes that can be donated to or places that accept volunteers.

5. Share resources while giving back

Having resources in your “back pocket” can take you a long way. Sharing those resources with someone else helps you to understand what all you have. You are aware of what you can do and contribute. You can help by doing something as simple cooking a home-cooked meal.

6. Giving creates emotionally aware people

Prophet Kofi Danso states that giving back regularly allows people to get in touch with their emotions and gain empathy. When we aren’t faced with the challenges of others, we are morally blind to their misfortunes. Once the conscious decision to give back to people, a sense of emotional awareness echoes in people.

7. Develops a foundation

If you are giving back by feeding the homeless or volunteering at a housing structure, then you are creating a foundation for those who need it most. A better future is being built because of what you’re doing and contributing. Through several events, your influential nature can persuade someone or a child to want to study and get an education to better themselves.

8. Growth within yourself

Giving back regularly allows you to grow as a person. You find a new purpose, meaning in life, path, hobby, and the ‘want’ to do right. You take on the role of being a philanthropist or humanitarian and participate in such activities. When you care, your emotional awareness is heightened and your gain a sense of consideration for humanity.

9. Giving back has health benefits

Wellbeing can be improved by giving back regularly to the community. Giving back boost morale, gives purposes, lowers stress, and contributes to happiness.

10. It feels good 

Who does not want to feel good by doing something out of the kindness of your heart? You are adding value and meaning to your community and to someone else’s life. Giving to others makes a world of difference and alleviates the chaos in somebody else’s life.

No matter how you perceive it, giving back regularly has profound benefits to everyone involved. The strength that is built within communities and individuals is astounding. So, it is important to give back regularly to not only reduce the stress in your life but in other’s life. Create a better community, better people, and better relationships by giving back.

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